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Biort offers a solution to your water needs

Since 1998, Biort has been testing, filtering, purifying, and treating any water source even with radioactivity contents.
Our solutions are fixed or portable and respond to the needs of any customers that care about their water quality. Our solutions appeal to the needs of:

  • Travelers and hikers
  • Industries using water
  • Resorts and vacation villages
  • Villages and small cities
  • Armies
  • Emergency Response Units

SECUROTEC is a member of EDEN and the Cercle de L’Arbalete.

View our Product List

  • Water Tests Water Tests Test, acknowledge, and insure the quality of your drinking water in a timely manner without the need to send samples to an external laboratory.
  • Filters Filters Portable filters that remove toxic contaminants from water thanks to hollow fibers, active carbons, and/or ceramic technologies.
  • Water Disinfectant Water Disinfectant Easy to use, economic, sturdy portable water disinfectant requiring no chemical but water, natural salt, and electricity.
  • Water Treatment Water Treatment Portable or fixed water treatment units that treat and produce drinking water from any source.
  • Water Bags Water Bags : Easy to carry, pour, and refill 3 gallons water bags that supplies up to 3 days drinking water needs for a person.