Ceramic filter Portaqua Solo:

Portaqua Solo utilizes micro porous ceramic elements, which effectively removes pathogens and turbidity from water. The filter is made from natural diatomaceous earth providing 100% filtration efficiency at 0.9 micron and 90% efficiency at 0.5 micron.

Portaqua solo is independent, is almost zero effort, and utilizes only gravity (no electrical power) to filter water. It provides 1.7 liters (0.4 gallons) in one hour and approximately 40 liters (10 gallons) per day.

Portaqua Solo uses cartridges that reduces fine particulate mater and ionic silver incorporated in the ceramic structure to enhance bacteriostatic and self sterilization to the filter.


Technology filter water:

Using revolutionary Hollow Fiber technology (0.2 microns) and active carbon, the In-Line Filter is water filtration that removes protozoa and bacteria, and reduce turbidity, heavy metals, odor, and organic chemical contaminants. The In-Line was developed for the US military elite military troops (Certification NATO: 4610-01-449-5912, 4610-01503-5260).

Efficiciency against Protozoa

Yes at 99,9999%

Efficiency against Bacteria

Yes at 99,9999%

Efficiency against virus

Yes but needs a disinfectant (see chapter)

Efficiency against sediments


Efficiency against toxic and chemical agents


Filtration technology

Hollow fiber

Size of filtration

0.2 microns


1.75 liters / mn

Life expectancy of the filter

1 500 liters

Cleaning on the field


Certification US army



Filtration in line:

The in-Line filter is modular, and can be installed between the hydration reservoir and the bite valve hose. The product shall consist of a filter housing with quick-connect fittings, hollow-fiber filtration membrane, and activated carbon media. If the filter becomes saturated, the water flaw will become difficult to draw water through the InLine Micro Filter and eventually stop. You can clean the filter by back flushing it or changing it to avoid contamination.


CleanStream-Gravity Filter

The CleanStream microfilter system treats 4 liters of water in less than 2.5 minutes, all without a single pump stroke. If you need more water, just refill the dirty side, even before the clean side is empty. You will be automatically refilling as you go. A quick-disconnected fitting allows for easy removal and filling of the Dirty reservoir and back flushing for optimal performance is as easy as changing the height of the reservoirs. No moving parts, no assembly, near zero effort.


  • No pump, only uses gravity
  • Cleaning by back flushing
  • Speed: 4l for 2,5 mn
  • Efficiency: remove 99.9999% of bacteria and protozoa
  • Light weight: 388 grams
  • Safety: in case of saturation, flow is cut to avoid contamination.