Anti-Pathogen Pitcher

Assuring safe drinking water

The solution: Anti-Pathogen Pitcher

  • Disinfection by UV light in the drinking container
  • Activated carbon filter for improving taste and reduction of contaminants
  • Ion exchange removes hardness (limestone in water
  • Disinfection is automatic and safe
  • No chemicals added
  • Lithium battery rechargeable by USB port incorporated. Capacity of 80-100 disinfection cycles after full charge.
  • Water capacity: 3.5 l.
  • Size: 25.4×27.0x24.8 cm

Easy to use:

  1. Fill up the pitcher
  2. Turn on the light for UV disinfection
  3. Red light shows the disinfection is working
  4. Blue light indicates that the disinfection is complete