Test Secur’eau

Bacteria: Test the presence of coli forms in water notably the E.coli. E.coli is the most likely source of acute water-borne disease

Lead: Many homes and buildings have pipes and plumbing fixtures that contain lead. Lead can leach from pipes into household water, making plumbing a major source of water contamination.

Pesticides: Test the presence of Simazin and Atrazin. These two pesticides are commonly found in drinking water and do not degrade easily.

Nitrates/Nitrites: When animal and human waste or field fertilizers come in contact with water, they become nitrates and nitrites.

Chlorine: The presence of chlorine will affect water taste and smell.

Hardness: Water hardness is primarily caused by calcium and magnesium compounds. Hard water can take up twice as much soap than doing laundry.

pH: If the acidity of your water is too high, corrosion can leach out lead from pipes and plumbing.


Test Secureau

Easy to use as 1 to 3:

1) Opening the test

2 ) Sample and test

3) read the test results