Bio-Resources Technologies (BIORT) was established in 1998 to produce and sell innovative products in the environmental field.

This is the result of a five-year partnership with both private companies and leading research universities worldwide.

All of the technologies marketed by BIORT have been tested and are reliable. Equipments are working for the satisfaction of very demanding customers such as the army, Air-Force, and the emergency response units.

Patrick, Founder
Biort Reasearch

The technologies marketed by Biort are the result of biological and life-science research.

All members of the Biort-team are very knowledgeable and will be pleased to bring the highest standards in consumer services and supports. You can trust their experience and knowledge. Biort’s main objective is to bring economic gains to its customers. Biort will assure the consumer support and service that bring you the highest standard in the industry. We will be there if you need us.